Getting Ready For the Holiday Season

Last year, I hosted an event where several women got together to make oily goodies to help reduce the stress of the holiday season. I personally love Christmas, but I admit, I loved it more when I only had myself to worry about!


Christmas is the end of the year where, here in the US, very many finish out the year of misery on a wishful, mournful note. I think is a huge disservice to ourselves and our families. Christmas is a time of hope, yet I’ve heard people say out loud that they hate Christmas. Very often, it was a parent who was shopping once again for someone they didn’t live with or like very much. I raise the black flag for you and say “Don’t buy those gifts then, friend.” There’s no reason to hate a season based on what you feel you have to do (credit me on the t-shirt please).

Christmas has lately become a way for me to figure out how to do it better than last year for my kids. I don’t mean better spending, or bigger spending. I mean better experiences.

Because of the world’s unfortunate attraction to commercialism, I try to distance my family’s Christmases from that harmful ideal and focus on what makes it “Christmassy”. I read an article last week that says millennials (a group I sometimes belong to, depending on the expert) are spending money on experiences and rejecting “stuff”. I like that. I want to give that a hug.

Sleigh rides, snow, twinkle lights, candy canes, Christmas villages, decorations, Christmas hymns playing on the record player, cold windows, footy-pajamas, window shopping, taking your coat off in a restaurant, entering a warm store, listening to carols on the radio, colouring Nativity sheets, Advent calendars, cracking pecans in the living room, listening to audio dramatizations, taking a hot, bubble bath on Christmas Eve before gift opening…all of this is Christmas.

Not 5 lists of things to buy for people when you can’t afford it.

So, last year, the group I had in my home made beeswax candles and added essential oils to it. It was such a wonderful experience. There’s something so earthy about creating your own light and the know-how gives one confidence about doing more. I think it’s a wonderful way to create good Christmas memories for children that don’t center on the toys they want. My twins shared a candle and I made sure we lit it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. They loved it and repeatedly asked me where their little light was. My little loves. ❤

little light

In honour of what will soon be the busiest, most stressful time of the year (which doesn’t have to be unless you make it so) here are a few essential oils projects that you can make with your family for each of yourselves, or to give as gifts. My family will be choosing a few of these, too.

Chocolate Mint DIY Lip Balm

Cranberry Orange Bread

Homemade Glitter Gel (Perfect for the little ladies who love to wear glitter)

Do It Yourself: Lavender-Mint Sugar Scrub (this post has the most awesome way to get natural colouring into this scrub!)


Go forth and oil the world!




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