Just a few suggestions for your diffuser: Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Sometimes, during the ordinary course of the day, week or month, we’ll all start to feel a dip in our spirit or mood. This is just a short post giving you my suggestions for oils to use to even out emotions. I have the first option in my diffuser, even as I type.

Stress Away & Bergamot:


love this combination so much! Stress Away is my utmost favourite, but adding bergamot punches it to the 9th degree!  I have a friend who benefited from applying bergamot to her big toes just after her son was born. The feeling of needing to cry calmed and left her while I was there.



Joy was difficult to have any admiration for when I first bought it. I tried and tried and tried. It just didn’t do for me what I thought it was supposed to do. Then, one evening, while I was feeling particularly hectic and at odds, I tried one more time. I put a few drops in my hand with a drop or two of coconut oil and rubbed it over my heart, as I was instructed to do. I put on a movie and sat on the couch. After about half an hour, I noticed I was smiling and giggling during the movie and had relaxed into my couch. I hadn’t enjoyed a movie like that in so long. I was sold.


Ylang ylang:

I’ve been familiar with ylang ylang for many years, but never quite came to terms with the items that had its scent associated with it. I pair this with Palo Santo and a calm settles over my house like peace has come to stay! haha! I find this especially useful to use when my children need calm (which means I do, by association).

Happy oiling!

If you need information on how to get these oils for yourself if you don’t already, click the link under “Helpful Links” to the right. ——>




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