Puzzled: My Family’s Wellness Approach

I want to enjoy life and feel good about myself mentally and physically. These are also the things I desire for my family but sometimes in the middle of the week I lose sight of how to make that happen on a day-to-day basis. I get home later than expected and the thought of peeling, chopping, baking and frying is messing with my peace of mind.  So we order out or run through the drive thru. All the while I’m praying the dry roasted almond snack I gave the little girl, or the celery and hummus I ate for snack will somehow balance the over processed “nutrients” my family eats. I know all about meal prepping and one day a month freezer cooking.  I’ve done it before and it worked! But right now that method is unobtainable for us, and I’m feeling a little guilty.

School starts this week, and I’m still trying to figure out where the summer went. I remember the heat, humidity, and vaguely the little girl exclaiming about all things she wanted to do (to which I may or may not have agreed).  We’ve survived summer camps, pool parties, and a trip to six flags.  But with summer vacation drawing to a close, it’s time to switch up the routine and regain focus in order to contribute to the whole-body wellness of my family, especially with all the germs kiddos will be incubating at school (not your kids of course).

I like to implement essential oils because it’s a non-toxic option that can benefit the entire body. I’m still learning what works best for us. I am not a health guru, or a rigorous follower of all things holistic (I wish that came naturally to me).  I believe in research but often find the wealth of information available overwhelming.  What methods do I use to determine what is best for my family and I?  Trial and error (and the dreaded research).

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to whole-body wellness!

I scoured blogs, medical articles, talked to individuals much more health conscious than myself, trying to find the perfect solution and came to the realization that:

  1. Some people seem to have a lot of time and patience (i.e. make their own yogurt/clothing/raise chickens),
  2. I don’t have a lot of time and patience,
  3. I want clean clothes, clean house (or at least livable), AND time with the family,
  4. We want to minimize the amount of being out of work/school due to the crud…and last but not least,
  5. I need to avoid the black hole that is brownie recipes on the internet (especially since I just stated I don’t have a lot of time).

Finally, I pieced enough things together that makes me feel confident we can and will implement them in our home! Coming up with a plan is only half the battle, putting it into action is where we see the results:


For me personally – Top of the list is rest! Not just sleep! If your mind is a little like mine with 572 trains of thought running at the same time, you know you need this!  It doesn’t have to be for hours at a time, grab whatever amount available to you. Conscientiously breathe in and out, focus on something pleasant or even random and decompress! I promised myself I would zone out 5 minutes today!  I’m applying a blend of Copaiba, Lavender, Cedarwood, Ocotea, and Lime essential oils to my neck, wrists, and temples to help unwind and induce relaxation.

For hubby – I will also diffuse the essential oils listed above in the living room to aid hubby’s relaxation!

For the little girl – Introducing her to more audiobooks (and less videos) to engage her imagination. Diffusing a blend of essential oils that will help support focus and encourage positive thoughts, as well as putting a drop in her essential oil slap bracelet she can wear to school.  (Blend has Frankincense, Blue Cypress, Cedarwood, Lemon Balm, and Blue Spruce as well as other essential oils)


For all of us – Cook more meals at home trying to use less processed foods at least 4 times a week. Boost our immune systems and aid our systems with oregano, frankincense, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary essential oils.   Be more active by playing just dance with the little girl at least 2 nights a week.  Switch to non-toxic cleaners that won’t break the bank (finally found the perfect one for us and am ecstatic).

For me and the little girl – let her ride her bike after dinner at least 2 nights a week as I walk briskly behind her.


For all of us – Never go to bed with a full sink! (This will actually aid hubby’s peace of mind immensely), Put away laundry (it doesn’t have to be folded- just put away).

For the little girl – Remove the 30 boxes of comics from her closet so her room can be more organized.

Might not seem like much to you, but it’s definitely a new beginning for us. Our minds and bodies will be nurtured, and our home will be cleaner, however I might have to tweak our whole body wellness plan more than once. Whatever doesn’t work, we will drop from our regimen. The key for me will be to take Elsa’s advice to “let it go” and heed the words W.E. Hickson, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” I will forgive myself for the failure and try something else! Eventually we will find more ways to adapt a healthier and happier lifestyle.

What pieces fit to make your approach successful?



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